– the last show –

We apologize for the last minute announcement, but putting a show like the Volksfest takes a lot of commitment and effort, and this year has been a very challenging one to pull it off. There has been a lot of back and forth with the team, and until the last moment, we were not sure if we would have the crew to pull off the show again this year. We have finally decided to go ahead for one more yearThe 2019 Volksfest Auto Show info:

Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 9:00AM
6 Blais Street, Embrun, ON, Canada

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Date & time

This year, Volksfest will take place on Sunday, August 11,  2019.

The gate opens at 9:00 AM.


The Park Grounds Beside the Embrun Arena

6 Blais Street, Embrun, On, Canada


Registration fee to participate in the show is $5 per car payable at the gate on the day of the show (cash only).


It is completely FREE for spectators to attend the show. Just drop by any time during the hours of the show and enjoy some beautiful cars.
Volksfest Car Show Grounds

What is Volksfest?

Volksfest is an annual outdoor non-judged European car and motorcycle show taking place in the Canada’s national capital region. It is one of the coolest European car events in Canada. It is held once a year in beautiful Embrun, Ontario, a short 20-minute cruse from downtown Ottawa. The event is held outdoors, and takes place regardless of weather conditions.  Access for spactators is FREE, and it is a relaxed, family and dog-friendly* event.


*all dogs must be on a leash at all times.

History of Volksfest

What started off as a small show in 1987 has blown up to be the largest non-judged show in Canada and North Eastern US. 

After some venue changes, the show has grown into a relaxed event where everyone can enjoy many pristine cars  without having to stress out over shine & clean and keeping “the judges” happy.

Historically, Volksfest was primarily a VW car show, but a few years agos it had expanded to other German brands such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. Now we are inviting all European cars to attend.

Volksfest Car Show Grounds

Types of cars?

There is only one requirement to participate: Own a European Vehicle. That’s it! Each year, over 350 cars participate in the show, and there are no specific requirements to participate. 

You will see cars of all ages and types including classic air-cooled VWs (Beetles, Buses, and Kharman Ghias), modern VWs (Golfs, Jettas, Rabbits, Scirrocos, Corrados and Passats), classic and modern Audis, BMWs, Mercedes,  Porsche and even rare Eauro motorcycles.

As of 2017, Volksfest has open its doors to ALL EURO brands of cars and motorcycles. So, if you own any European vehicle, you are invited to join us for a day of fun, music, food and cars!


Location & Amenities

Volksfest car show takes place in the park grounds beside the Embrun Arena at 6 Blais Street, Embrun, On, Canada.

There is a B-B-Q truck on-site Presented by TRIPLE B – Ball’s Burger Barn. Check their FB Page here.

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are also on-site.

Volksfest Car Show